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Matrimonial Investigators Detectives Services in Jaipur Myself Vinay Agarwal. I am thankful to Mr. Muralidhar Singh that he had solved case of Pre Matrimonial for his guy as to marry that girl before knowing him much as far as his character, nature, habits is concern. This case if of JaiPur and Gurgaon and solved by him within a week time. Thank you Star Detectives

Mr. Vinay Agarwal

Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Mumbai I was badly needed of detective services as my personal life was in trouble. I contacted few detectives in Mumbai. All were having same kind of frame work to follow the person to whom they were referring the subject and see his all activities but when I met Mr.Muralidhar Singh I see his thinking is slightly different but he also refer shadowing. I was satisfied and if in future once services will need, I will contact him only. Regards Manjeet Singh

Mr. Manjeet Singh

I have given one case to Star detective Services and that case was before marriage. We were doubting on the character of the would be bride so I went and met Mr. Muralidhar. He discussed the case and gave me suggestion that what should i check first and what next. I agreed to him and given the task. He completed the task and given the results with photograph & video as the person to whom we doubted was real culprit. i discussed in my family and my sister got rescued from that man and left him forever. Thanks Star Detectives

Mr. Muralidhar

Personal detectives in Bangalore  I have given one matrimonial assignment to star detectives and they have completed the job in given time with utmost secrecy. Any person wants to try, I will suggest their name in Matrimonial cases but one thing I did not like it and that is his attention towards any one. He is very careful kind of person and does not give importance to anyone. Mostly detective agency 100% secrecy not done, Best services Regards k.r.mohan

Mr. K. R. Mohan

Personal detectives in Bhopal and Mumbai I have given my after marriage investigation case to STAR DETECTIVES. Which was of Mumbai and he did it in excellent Services and given me the results. The results are good and hopefully, now I can discuss further with my husband with proof.

Mr. ---

Investigation services Chandigarh I am from USA and assigned the Matrimonial case to star Detectives. He listened the case very carefully and understood my requirements. In last, after 10 days, I am totally satisfied and wish his company to progress more. In last, he is man of principals and love his company lot and I would pray to god, I should not be needed any investigation work but if I need then I must come to star detectives

Mr. ---

Private Detectives Mumbai Best Investigation Company Star Detectives & security Services is the best company which is my thoughts and I am sure once you assign any job to him and gets satisfy then trust. I trust Star Detectives & Security Services lot. Thanks

Mr. Murali Dhar Singh

Customer Testimonials

I gave my three personnel investigation cases in Mumbai to Star Detective Services, both were Matrimonial Cases and got excellent results...
Sudhir Kumar

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